​Dani Walsh

Candidate for Bloomfield Township Trustee

My name is Dani Walsh, and I was born and raised here in Bloomfield Township. The people and the beauty of our town is what has kept me here for 43 years. My experience with business development, competitive bidding & procurement policies, strategic planning, and cultural training with groups, will help me to serve you as Trustee. I love this town and will always keep the interests of the community as my guide by

  • Providing transparency to our local government,
  • Bringing competitive bidding practices for all professional services and contracts,
  • Developing a strategic plan for our future path,  
  • Audit and fix the issues within our water and sewer department,
  • Addressing the issues that are forcing our long term residents & Seniors out of their homes
  • Promoting honesty, ethics, and respect for the community and constituents back to the board

For years, I have fought the current board on their deceptive practices that threaten our community. As a constituent, I rallied to block their attempts to build a 24 hour self-storage facility at Maple and Telegraph, and add easements up and down telegraph which would allow for new strip malls and commercial activity. These items would have benefited the builders and vendors that donate to the campaigns of the current board. However, they would not have benefited our community. My promise to you is that the needs of the citizens of Bloomfield Township will always take precedence. 
The suspicious financial practices of the current Supervisor and Board have resulted in an $11 million lawsuit.  Our Treasurer, Dan Devine, worked to earn the township a AAA Bond rating in 2010.  The choices of Leo Savoie and 4 board members that support his actions have put our rating at risk.  Please see the link below for more information on the lawsuit.
Class Action Lawsuit on Water Rates
Filed 4/21/16